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Heartland Chiropractic of Morton

A chiropractor in Morton, IL

Dr. Schmidt, a chiropractor in Morton, IL has a question for you. Is your body functioning at its best? At Heartland Chiropractic of Morton, we are concerned about your pain and symptoms. We are also concerned that your condition may be limiting your body's ability to function properly! As a chiropractor in Morton, IL, Dr. Schmidt provides chiropractic care to give you the symptom relief you want as well as the structural correction you need to help your body function at it's best.

True health is not merely the lack of symptoms, but your body's ability to function at it's optimum level!

On your initial visit to Heartland Chiropractic in Morton, Dr. Schmidt will evaluate your entire body structurally and perform a computerized nerve analysis to identify weaknesses in your body and nervous system. After your evaluation, Dr. Schmidt will give you the treatment option available, and allow you to make the decision of which plan is right for your health and wellness goals.

We understand that your time is important, so we strive for minimal to NO wait times! Give us a call at (309) 284-0494 to make an appointment with our Morton, IL chiropractor today.

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